In today’s complex healthcare environment, providers and administrators are tasked with juggling a variety of competing demands. Ensuring you are meeting requirements and regulations for tissue and implant tracking can be especially cumbersome. Whether you are managing warranty credits or need to streamline the chain of custody, our fully integrated solutions make it easy.

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Streamline the warranty credit claims process.

Warranty credit processes are often fragmented and involve multiple stakeholders trying to make sense of disparate information. Our fully automated solution streamlines workflow and reduces confusion by increasing visibility and transparency across the organization and with manufacturers.

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Make tissue and implant tracking easy.

UDITracker streamlines processes and nearly eliminates time spent preparing for an audit, by completely automating the chain of custody and beyond – from receipt of items to tracking inventory through use, documenting key information and managing critical recalls.

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Increase efficiency with RFID Storage Systems.

Integrated RFID Storage Systems eliminate time-consuming data entry and provide automatic real-time updates on inventory status and critical information, including daily temperature logs.

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What used to take days, now takes hours…. This has to be one of the best investments our hospital has made!”

Sandie Skinner

Inventory Coordinator/Supply Chain Management

Central DuPage Hospital