Today’s focus on value-based care is increasing pressure to deliver effective, yet cost-efficient care, and ensuring optimal inventory management and reducing waste are integral to success. Our fully automated solutions streamline processes and provide complete visibility to enable you to easily identify trends, optimize purchasing and reduce unnecessary loss.

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Real-time data and enhanced analytics help you better predict and improve business performance.

Inventory alerts

Alerts for approaching expiration, low inventory, temperature issues and more.

Extensive charts and graphs

Provides visualization of key usage trends and patterns

Detailed filters

Enables user to evaluate data on a variety of variables

Comprehensive report

Better predict and improve business performance

Streamline tissue and implant tracking through the entire chain of custody and beyond.

Our fully automated software solutions integrated with RFID storage systems enable you to easily track inventory location and status and monitory key inventory issues, such as out of cabinet alerts, temperature warnings and upcoming expirations.

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Before UDITracker, we were writing off up to $200,000 per year in expired or missing tissue grafts. My director is so pleased with the results that we will be adding additional RFID units when our new OR is completed.”

Argenis Mendoza

Perioperative Systems Analyst

Reston Hospital Center